Sally Brooks

Sally Brooks 

B.Ed (Hons), Grad. Dip. Psych. & Couns, Grad Dip Gestalt; Master Gestalt Therapy (La Trobe) Clin. Mem. GANZ


My work  in private practice spans nearly two decades. I work predominantly with women across life changes. I have conversations with young women moving from late adolescence to early womanhood, becoming wives, mothers, grandmothers and onward into older age.

I am privileged to work with women whose choices and opportunities would have been unheard of only 4-5 decades ago. We share the anguish, guilt and possible disappointment that life can throw along the way.  But, with the right support and space to explore, the strength, power and resilience that so often emerge from the depths of exhaustion, despair, or hopelessness bring renewed optimism and the capacity to keep going.And finally, we so often smile as we reflect on how difficult times do indeed end.

As we talk, I seek to really understand how you view your world, and the events that bring us together. Our conversations support a growing awareness of what supports your happiness, and what is possibly holding you back. Sometimes the awareness comes that now is a time to let go, or to hold on. At other times it might mean learning to have difficult  conversations with those nearest and dearest to you;  and at yet other times it may mean coming to terms with and developing a deep acceptance for whatever is happening…. and finding peace in that acceptance.

My work in psychotherapy extends to training psychotherapists, counsellors and Gestalt therapists at institutes such as the Jansen Newman Institute and ACAP, the University of Western Sydney and Gestalt Practitioners Training Sydney. I also work as a clinical supervisor for psychotherapists and counsellors.  I am currently an International Faculty Associate of the Pacific Gestalt Institute in Los Angeles.

Contact Details: 0433 676 253