Reflections on Gratitude – February 10, 2018



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 Reflections on Gratitude 10 February, 2018


When do we, as busy women, give a second thought to the deep and mysterious interconnection of the events, people, and circumstances without which we wouldn’t be where we are now?

How do we appreciate and give deep, appreciative gratitude for the good things? And how do we fathom the good that comes from the difficult? And give thanks for that too (much harder but liberating when we can).

 And just as importantly, how do we receive and experience gratitude from others for what we have offered?

 Tapping into a sense of genuine appreciation can increase our sense of wellbeing and peace. We feel more vital, connected, and content.

Gratitude is a skill or a habit that can be cultivated; often people report that being able to fathom the depths of gratitude can be a life changing, or transformative experience – for ourselves, and for our relationships.

 I will be offering a gentle reflective space on Saturday February 10 for a maximum of eight women to come together

•  to reflect on what gratitude means to you personally

• to share stories of gratitude – both from us to others, and others towards us

• to provide the opportunity to look at ways in which to cultivate a sense of gratitude that could fit into your personal lifestyle

I invite you or someone you know who might be interested to join us. Please feel free to pass this flyer on to someone who might find it useful.

 Where: The Neridah Practice, Chatswood, Unit 13, 47 Neridah Street, Chatswood

 When: 2.15 for a 2.30 start on December 2, 2017

 Cost: $80.00 for the afternoon, including afternoon tea. Non-refundable deposit of $40.00 required to secure a place*

 Reply to: Sally Brooks,

 Facilitated by: Sally Brooks, B.Ed (Hons); Master Gestalt Therapy (La Trobe);

Sally has been a psychotherapist for over 20 years and brings to group facilitation a wealth of experience. Sally’s experience in working with women is extensive. When women learn to reflect, take time out and reconnect with themselves, they are less exhausted, more empowered and peaceful. Sally has learned that women coming together in a circle to share and be heard can be grounding, uniting as well as offering one of the most sacred spaces to set intentions and remain loyal to them.

 * Minimum number of 5 participants. In the event this minimum is not reached then the workshop will be cancelled and deposits returned.







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